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Remote Mode

In March 2011, experienced Rife user and experimenter Johann Stegmann experienced something that changed the course of his life utterly.

A friend of his had just bought a new Rife machine. Johann’s friend made the astounding claim that the DNA contained in fingernails or hair could transmit energy frequencies directly to the owner of that DNA simply by placing the samples between the machine’s electrodes. With no wires or physical contact needed.

Johann was skeptical. So he and his friend tried it on Johann’s daughter, Tania, who’s profoundly energy-sensitive. To his astonishment, it worked perfectly.
So he looked for an explanation. And he found that this phenomenon was actually sound science.

Albert Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance.” Modern physics calls it “quantum entanglement.” Simply put, it means that if any part of a single system is removed from that system to a different location, any action performed on the part will also be instantaneously performed on the parent system, and vice versa.

Your fingernails are part of a single system – that system is you. So when frequency energy is transmitted to your nails, its effects will also be transmitted to you – and only you, because of the unique identifier present in every cell of your body. Your DNA.

Over the following 18 months, Johann continued to experiment and discovered a way to monitor and verify the effects of the frequencies remotely. In every case, his experiments worked perfectly.


In the course of his work, Johann discovered that many people couldn’t afford to buy their own Rife machines. So he started to seek out alternative devices. He joined forces with technical designer Hank Gigandet, and together they tested many different instruments. They discovered that the energy transmitted by many of them was harsh, unpleasant, and ineffective.


But they also found some that emitted soft, pleasant energy that not only made the test subjects feel good, but worked just as well as even the best commercial Rife machines.


The device they settled on was the UDB1108S DDS frequency generator. These are pretty inexpensive, but the software to run them was written in Chinese and not really suitable for the specialised job of rifing. So Johann and Hank commissioned their own software – RideUSB – that would do what they wanted.


It had one limitation, however – it could only run one generator per computer.


Engineer and software developer John White had been following these developments with increasing interest and excitement. After discussions with Johann and Hank, they agreed that John would sit down and write a new software package that would not only roll the functionality of RideUSB into it, but would also allow up to 95 frequency generators to be run by a single PC.

That software was the original Spooky. Designed primarily as a remote Rife system, it could also be used as a simple contact or plasma device when coupled with an amplifier.

So how exactly does remote mode work?

Well, because DNA has two strands helically coiled around one another, it acts as an antenna that’s capable of transmitting and receiving information encoded on energy signals via nonlocal space. Spooky sends audio frequency energy to the nail which is received by the DNA it contains, then relayed instantaneously via nonlocal space to the parent DNA – you.

Spooky2  takes the Rife machine to the next level.

With the Spooky2 generator, you get radically beefed-up contact and plasma capabilities.


But it’s in the remote department that Spooky2 really shines. Because with the introduction of Spooky Remote, we’ve added the enormous power of scalar waves to the equation.


Scalar waves are so powerful that they can be used to control weather, destroy whole cities, or even cause earthquakes and tsunamis. Thankfully, they can also be put to more constructive use.


With Spooky Remote, scalar wave “bubbles” are formed right where the DNA is sitting. The waves are difficult to measure by orthodox means, and act as a signal supercharger both for the audio frequency energy and for the DNA’s own transmission capabilities. The net effect is that the signal that reaches the body is clearer and more powerful than if DNA is used alone. 


In effect, it not only brings Remote Mode much closer to the immediacy of Contact or Plasma Mode, it should also reduce the number of times a Program needs to be run, and the time it needs to be run for. 


Nonlocal space has been referred to as “dark” energy (dark because it lies outside the electromagnetic spectrum and so can’t be observed or measured). 


Nikola Tesla called it “the mind of God.” The first man to demonstrate its existence in real-world experiments using human blood cells and plants was Cleve Backster, a polygraph specialist with the CIA. 

You can read a two-page interview with him here.

And there are four downloadable PDFs of papers and articles about his research available on this page under the heading “Miscellaneous Articles”:

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