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When Dr. Royal Raymond Rife invented his technology, he used radio as the transmission mode, and a conventional radio antenna as the actual transmitter.  However, he soon found he was able to get better results by using a plasma tube to transmit the frequencies. In later years, he actively considered plans to add DC electricity as a transmission mode via handheld electrodes because it didn’t interfere with local radio station reception or transmission.  Unfortunately for humanity, this was never to be, as the medico-pharmaceutical juggernaut, which stood to lose everything, systematically trashed his discoveries, his business, and his reputation as a scientist.  Thankfully, the principles behind this mode of transmission – called “contact” or “pad” mode – survived.  Today, more Rife enthusiasts use contact mode machines than any other type.  And with good reason, because this is a highly effective way to introduce frequencies into the body and get them working quickly. However, some have criticized contact mode, claiming that the “skin effect” prevents the current from penetrating deeply enough into the body.  This is essentially based on a misunderstanding of what the skin effect actually is.  In electronics, the outer surface of any electrical conductor, such as a wire, is called the “skin.” The actual skin effect refers to the tendency of AC (alternating current) to flow close to this outer surface. The higher the frequency of the current, the more apparent the effect becomes. The problem it presents is that it increases the resistance of the conductor, making it less efficient.  Although human skin is resistant to electrical current flow, the term “skin effect” was never meant to refer to living flesh, but to materials used in the transmission of power.  However, the skin effect is not present to nearly the same extent when you’re transmitting DC electricity – which is what all Rife machines use.  With sufficient power, a well-designed Rife machine can deliver DC electrical energy deep enough into the body to reach all of its organs. Controversy remains, however, over whether this energy is capable of reaching the inner surfaces of hollow organs. Some researchers believe that DC energy doesn’t actually need to do this because it’s the audio energy encoded into it that’s important, and once this hits an organ’s outer surface, it will be transmitted by cell-to-cell and intercellular conduction to the entire organ.  Others prefer to rely on a different technique called plate-zapping, invented by Dr. Hulda Clark. Since this involves buying a pretty expensive piece of additional kit, we won’t go into it here. And frankly, we’re not convinced that it’s needed.  The bottom line is that contact mode using a properly designed Rife system works very well indeed, but if you prefer the “belt and braces” approach, you can always back up deep hollow organ experimentation by using Remote or Plasma Mode as well, both of which will penetrate the entire body.  Finally, Spooky2 has another trick up its sleeve. Plasma penetrates deep into the body because it uses a radio-band carrier wave, usually 3.1MHz or 3.3MHz. Spooky2 allows you to create a far better type of carrier – a dynamic carrier that’s harmonically related to the audio frequencies, which adds therapeutic value, and use this in Contact Mode.  Spooky2 has different kinds of contact accessories for different situations usage, including Spooky Conductive Carbonized Rubber Hand Cylinders, TENS pads, TENS Contact kit, TENS Internal Electrode, etc.  Spooky Conductive Carbonized Rubber Hand Cylinders  Hand Cylinders are more convenient to let go for casual use and fit all hand sizes.  Spooky TENS Pad  TENS pads are good for localized treatments.  Spooky TENS Contact Kit  TENS Contact Kit are better for night time use.  Spooky TENS Internal Electrode  TENS Internal Electrode allows the user to treat either the anal canal or localized organs.  Using Spooky2 for Contact Mode is simplicity itself. Connect the contact accessory to the High Power port of Spooky Boost 3.1, which can combine both outputs and quadruple the power of Contact Mode.  Continue to Remote Mode…