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The GX provides the current/phase angle method of detecting resonance. This method is not monitoring the body’s response, instead looking for frequency resonance directly from the area subjected to the current. 

During a biofeedback scan, GeneratorX records how the electrical signal behaves. A brief change in the electrical pattern shows that a hit was detected. 

There are two different ways that GeneratorX measures the change. 

  1. Current flow. This is like water running in a river. Normally this is constant. But if the level of the water rises, the flow increases.GeneratorXmeasures this flow rate. 
  2. Phase angle. If you are walking with your child, normally they are at your side. But if you start walking over rough terrain, the child will fall behind. Phase angle is like the distancebetween yourself and your child. The terrain is everything between the TENS pads.GeneratorX measures when the terrain is rough or smooth. 

Some biofeedback systems can measure one or the other, but not many do both. And none can reach the dizzying speeds of GeneratorX.