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The following resources are freely available to Spooky2 users. Note that no commercial Rife machine manufacturer offers such a vast range of help and training materials. Click on a link below to visit the site/page. 


The Spooky2 store is the world’s onlyofficially-authorised seller of Spooky2 equipment and accessories. We do not appoint national distributors or sales agents. 

Spooky2 Rife For Life Facebook Group 
You’ll also find friendly and helpful support here, with a large vibrant community. 

We’ve hand-picked and compiled a storehouse of useful information from our users here, making it a one-stop source for solutions. A quick search will most likely find an instant answer. If not, simply complete and submit the support request form and our Support Team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Video tutorials, guides, setup instructions, reviews, and user tips and tricks, with detailed PDF documents, and many blog and Q&A posts to help you learn quickly. 

Spooky2 Blog 
This is a huge collection of articles and answers to questions on all aspects of Spooky2, Rife, and other useful therapies. This is also where you’ll find links to our weekly SAMA video webinars, presented by guest experts from all over the world. 

Spooky2 Weekly Digest Archive 
An archive of all Spooky2 weekly newsletters containing answers, tips, and tricks. 

Setup & Instructions: 

Spooky2 Quick Guide 
Connect your new Spooky2 rig together and get it up and running – instructions for accessories. 

Spooky2 Setup Photo Guide 
Photos and text guide to setting up your new Spooky2 rig (includes generator and Spooky Central rigs). 

Set Up A Multi-generator Rig 
An illustrated guide to setting up multiple Spooky2 generators. 


Spooky2 Disease Dictionary 
Valuable information and resources for hundreds of diseases and conditions taken from real experiences shared by Spooky2users. For up-to-the-minute information, bookmark this link to download an updated PDF every week. 

Spooky2 Whole Health Catalogue 
An illustrated brochure of all Spooky2 equipment, kits, and accessories. With buying advice, plus the story of how Spooky came to be, and the people behind the Spooky phenomenon. 

We’re constantly being asked if we’ve received any success stories from our users. So we built this searchable website with real reports from real users, including original sources. You can browse by illness or by Spooky2product, and submit your own review. 

Software & Guide Downloads 
Get the bi-monthly Spooky2 software updates and all Guides and documentation.